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We, Joongwon Refrigeration and Heating, aim to be a company
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Joongwon Refrigeration and Heating

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Joongwon Refrigeration & Heating CO., LTD. through unremitting efforts, research and development over the past 20 years, since 1993, as the industry leader in industrial heat exchangers frozen / refrigerated for Unit Cooler, Condenser, Condensing Unit, Heat Pump, HVAC Coil and heat exchanger products production.

Joongwon Refrigeration & Heating CO., LTD. produced by the incessant development of new technologies and innovations, high-efficiency products with low energy consumption, high quality, easy maintenance products and develop products in order to customer specific product that meet the needs of the customer and the era in customer to produce the product that joy, reliability, satisfaction, and capabilities.

Moreover, Joongwon Refrigeration & Heating CO., LTD. further promise to do our best to be able to help lead a convenient life, bountiful life, listen attentively to customer in product development.

Ask customers for your everlasting love and support.

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Joongwon Refrigeration & Heating Co., LTD.